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Why Body Position is Critical for Swimming Well

Swimming well, how to know you're hydrated, and training your core the right way

Good morning everyone,

In the last newsletter, I asked you what your race plans were for next season. It was awesome to see such a wide variety of races, distances, and locations. And it just reinforced how there are so many incredible opportunities to compete and push ourselves in this sport.

It’s certainly got me fired up for next season, and you’ve all given me some inspiration for my race schedule 🤔😃

In today’s edition:

  • How good body position can help you nail your swim.

  • Why urine color might not help you assess hydration status.

  • And how to train your core - the right way!

Thanks for being here.

-Matt Sharpe, newsletter editor

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The Principles of Swimming Well: Body Position

The following is an excerpt from our Tempo Pro article on the principles of swimming well.

We want our bodies to be as balanced (horizontal) in the water as possible. This is the position that moves through the water most efficiently and creates the least amount of drag. 

How to attain a balanced body position

Being balanced: Think of your body like a see-saw. When one side is too far up, the other will be down and you will be in an inefficient position.

  • For triathletes, typically, the legs are what lowers the most since there is usually more dense muscle weighing us down. 

  • A quick hack to finding a balanced body position is to push your chest down slightly. This helps raise your hips higher.

Head position: Again with the seesaw metaphor, if your head is too high in the water, then the rest of your body will automatically sink. Your eyes also play a role.

  • Looking ahead about 5-10 feet in front of you will help keep your spine aligned properly.

  • The following video shows the correct head position for maintaining a balanced body position. 

Keep it long: The fastest boats in the world typically have longer hulls. I looked up the actual physics on why, and it was wayyy beyond my pay grade. So just trust me on this one. 

  • As a swimmer, the more you can maintain your length, the faster you will travel through the water.

Drill it out

Try this long dog paddle drill (without a pull buoy eventually) and focus on keeping your body in a balanced position while generating power through the pull phase.

Elite example

Lots to take away from the following video of Olympic medalist, Henri Schoeman. But pay particular attention to the length at extension and his head position throughout.

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