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Tempo Pro #1: Fueling a Busy Lifestyle

Your guide to fueling your training like a pro

Key Concept: Energy Availability

The best pros and their sports science teams know that they won’t train and race at their best without fueling properly. They know about energy availability.

  • Energy availability means your body has the calories to perform your intense training, work, AND basic physiological functions like recovery and building muscle tissue.

When you’re body is in low energy availability:

  • You WILL NOT train at your potential. 

  • You WILL NOT recover properly from training. 

  • You WILL have excessive fatigue. 

  • You WILL definitely be less enjoyable to be around for your loved ones!

This fact sheet from the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee might be one of the most important documents you can read as a high-performing individual.

  • Having sufficient energy availability is the foundational principle of World Champions.

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