The Future of Training is Wild

And the superfoods you need to supercharge your training

Good morning everyone,

A bit of a leaner edition as I’ve been busy getting ready to head to 70.3 Michigan tomorrow. If any of you are there, be sure to say hi! I hope you all have a great weekend of training, racing, or relaxing.

In today’s edition:

  • 🤖 What does the future of tech-enabled training look like?

  • 🍌 11 superfoods for super training.

  • 🧐 And is an Ironman-brand race worth the money?

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Apple Watch Upgrades Give a Nod to Triathletes, Heralds Exciting Age of Wearable Tech

Photo by Debagni Sarkhel on Unsplash

What is it: Triathlon Magazine Canada was on hand for the unveiling of Apple’s upgraded smartwatch, the Apple Watch Ultra 2. For triathletes, certain features may be appealing, including:

  • Updated S9 processor for on-device Siri use.

  • A new double-tap gesture for more intuitive use during workouts.

  • Bluetooth connectivity for power meters, speed sensors, and cadence meters.

  • An updated compass app showing real-time elevation.

Eye raiser: With great power comes great opportunity. The new S9 processor that allows on-demand Siri use is particularly interesting.

It opens the door for in-workout back and forths with the virtual assistant. Siri could potentially function as a built-in coach. Taking on-the-fly workout questions from an athlete, or acting as a regulator if an athlete is working beyond their targeted power or heart rate.

  • Will Siri eventually take over as a coach? Or be another tool in the coaching toolbox?

Wearable future: Coupled with the ever-growing presence of wearable technology like the Whoop band, Oura ring, and continuous glucose monitors, this next iteration of the Apple watch is another stride towards the tech-enhanced triathlete.

A.I. enters the chat: Artificial intelligence and generative A.I. like ChatGPT will no doubt also play a role in the future of training. Companies like Humango, which use sports science and A.I. to create dynamic training plans, are already sailing the uncharted waters of artificial intelligence coaching.

  • Looking forward, the tech-enabled future of training is only going to become more ubiquitous. But, the increased use of these devices raises privacy concerns as our critical health data could be at risk, not to mention Siri accidentally uploading a bad workout to Strava 😬

Do you use wearable technologies?

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🍌 Super-foodie: Triathletes are super athletes, so we should probably be eating super foods! Check out this YouTube that has a great list of superfoods for triathletes. I’m putting some Chia seeds on the next grocery list. [GTN]

🔥 Heat training hacks: Training and racing in the heat is hard. But a few simple hacks can make it much more manageable. Check out this article from the TriDoc on ways to hack the heat and perform your best. [Triathlete]

🧐 Ironman inquiry: Is an Ironman-branded race actually worth the money? According to these Redditors…not exactly. Take a look at this insightful thread, and you might be looking a little more local for your next race. [Reddit]

🏅 Guide to success: What does it take to be a guide for an elite para triathlete? Lots of training! Pro triathlete Megan Foley gives us a great first-hand account of training to be a guide at a USA Triathlon training camp that was held at the Olympic Training Center. [Slowtwitch]


Are you making this classic swimming mistake?


💉 Doper dominates: Former Pro Cyclist Alexander Vinokurov (KAZ), a Tour de France stage winner and World Championship medalist recently won his age-group at the Ironman World Championship. During his cycling career he also recieved a two-year ban for blood doping…[Bicycling]

🙏 Family support: Dax Batten, 51, died from a medical condition while competing at Ironman Wisconsin. A GoFundMe has been set up to help support his wife and three children. [Channel 3000]

👏 Mason’s comeback: After a devastating ski accident, Mason Branstrator found himself rendered a paraplegic. But after extensive rehab and community support, the young athlete was able to compete in his first triathlon. [WDIO]


Here is what readers said about whether they think Ironman made the right decision to split Kona into two races.

Reader: Once everyone gets used to the idea it'll be okay. Sounds like Kona was about to boot us out if we didn't do something. However, I'm glad I get to go to Kona since it's my first and probably one Ironman World Championship. I like that they move around the 70.3 Worlds and ITU moves around their championships, so why not Ironman World Championships.

Reader: I raced Sunday for my first Ironman world championship so I can not compare to Kona. That being said it was very affordable traveling and staying in Nice. I am already making plans for qualifying for 2025!! Great city and venue.

Reader: Some things are so iconic you just shouldn't play with it. Kona.

Reader: The best all round triathlete wins this race. No pack rats and gaming it as we see in Kona. I’d prefer if it was permanently transferred to Nice but can live with seeing the best triathlete every two years😉

Reader: I think you missed another possible response which is to not split it up but move it to a location which could host both and cap and reduce the field if need be so a true world championship where you truly qualify Nice looked awesome.

Reader: Agreed that it's a good idea to rotate! But, I'd hesitate to send to Saudi Arabia because of their human rights violations - some athletes (women, gay/lesbian, trans) will not feel safe (seriously - they're lives could be at risk!) in places like Saudi Arabia. Let's keep that in mind because there are certainly countries that are sports washing PR campaigns.

Tempo: This was a bit clickbaity of us. But given the recent investments of the PIF its not our of the question to see an IMWC in Saudi Arabia!

Reader: Holding it in Nice it allowed Triathlon tourism. I knew of multiple friends fly in for 2 days to watch the event from the UK, can’t do that in Kona. After I finished we booked accommodation to watch next year. The course was fantastic. True cyclists course with a bit of everything and the support was awesome throughout that run course. What’s not to love.


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