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  • After Increased Pressure, T100 Triathlon World Tour to launch comprehensive anti-doping plan.

After Increased Pressure, T100 Triathlon World Tour to launch comprehensive anti-doping plan.

T100 anti-doping catchup, best foods for gut health, improved balance improved performance

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Good morning everyone,

It’s finally race day here in Japan! The leadup to the race has been very smooth, and now it’s time for the gun to go off and get down to business!

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In today’s edition:

  • 💉 After increased pressure, T100 Triathlon tour to launch comprehensive anti-doping plan.

  • 🍎 What foods are best for your gut health?

  • ⚖️ And how improving your balance will improve your performance!

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Precision Fuel and Hydration to be the Official Hydration Partner for IRONMAN Europe Races

What is it: After parting ways with longtime aid station stalwart Gatorade Endurance, IRONMAN has officially partnered with Precision Fuel and Hydration for its European 70.3 and full-distance events.

  • The partnership will begin at 70.3 Aix-en-Provence on May 19th where Precision’s PH 1000 electrolyte-heavy drink will be available on course.

  • The PH 1000 contains 1000mg of sodium along with smaller amounts of Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium.

Tempo’s take: With Gatorade reportedly phasing out its Endurance brand, IRONMAN has been scrambling to find new on-course hydration partners. It’s partnership with Mortal Hydration has seen significant online backlash due to the lack of carbs available with the drink.

  • Precision also has minimal carbs with its PH 1000 drink. Wondering if there will be similar backlash to this decision? Or maybe the hydration outrage steam has run out.

The trend of athletes being more self-sufficient with their nutrition seems to be recognized and embraced by the endurance giant. We just hope more novice athletes don’t suffer on the course due to the lack of available carbs!

World Triathlon

T100 Triathlon Tour to Work with World Triathlon on Athlete Anti-Doping Program

What is it: It was recently reported by Pro Tri News that the T100 Triathlon World Tour did not have its own registered anti-doping testing pool. It instead relied on a patchwork of IRONMAN and World Triathlon to conduct testing on its athletes. Of which many were found to not be tested out of competition at all.

  • Now, PTN has reported that T100 will be working alongside World Triathlon to have all its athletes regularly tested out of competition for performance-enhancing drugs.

Tempo’s take: It was an incredible shock when the news first broke that the T100 Tour did not conduct its own out of competition anti-doping testing. And especially after the CEO was on the record saying they would have a “world class” anti-doping program.

After a few conversations with industry players, it seems as though the T100 Tour may have initially balked at the price tag of a robust anti-doping program.

  • The good news; all the T100 Tour athletes will be tested. The bad news; not wanting to pay for testing doesn’t exactly scream “financially stable.”

World Triathlon has also acknowledged that the T100 athletes will be joining them in a centralized registered testing pool (RTP) and also mentioned,

we would love all other triathlon organizers and organizations, to join us in this vital endeavor, fostering a collaborative approach to anti-doping efforts.”

Could this be a shot across the bow to IRONMAN and Challenge to join in their centralized RTP?


🍎 Your best gut health: Everyone knows that probiotic foods like Kefir and Kombucha are good for your gut health, but did you know that Oats are also key to a healthy digestive system? Here are a few more of the best foods for your gut health. [Forbes Health]

❤️ Trilationship advice: Triathlon is a sport that can definitely chew up time. So what is the best way to balance triathlon training and a healthy relationship? This Reddit thread has some standout advice! [Reddit]

⚖️ Balance it all: With all the talk of FTP, Threshold, and VO2 Max, sometimes we forget the fundamental underpinnings of all our movement. One of which is balance! Improving your balance will help you run faster and move better as you age. Here’s how to improve it. [RunTriMag]

📅 First race reminder: Are you heading into your first race of the season, or first race ever? This video is a great reminder of what you need to bring, and how to tackle the challenges of your first race. Especially critical; knowing the essentials you need on race day! [GTN]

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Some fun snack ideas, inspired by the Yokohama World Triathlon race! 😊😋


World Triathlon Championship Series - Yokohama

After the first WTCS event in Abu Dhabi was cancelled due to flooding, athletes will be chomping at the bit to race and fight for crucial Olympic qualifying points.

What we’re watching 👇

  • The fierce battle amongst the US women for automatic Olympic Qualification. With a podium performance one of Kirsten Kasper, Gwen Jorgensen, Summer Rappaport and Taylor Spivey could be heading to Paris.

  • Which Brit will step up? Jonny Brownlee has three Olympic medals to his name. But he will be in a tough battle with emerging talent Hugo Milner.

  • With Flora Duffy returning, will we see the reigning Olympic gold-medalist attack the race like she typically does?

Watch live on triathlonlive.tv. Find out when the race starts here.

IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca

The first European race of the IRONMAN Pro Series will see plenty of firepower! 🔥

What we’re watching 👇

  • After a difficult 2023 filled with injuries and the tragic loss of his mother, Gustav Iden (NOR) returns to the race course. We may not see him at his best, but we are very happy to see him back.

  • Laura Phillip (GER) and Emma Pallant-Browne (GBR) are two of the best runners in the sport. Look for them to be battling over the final meters in what should be an incredible showdown!

How to watch: Saturday, 6AM local time - Outside Watch in the U.S. and proseries.ironman.com in the rest of the world.


Out of this world: As Astronaut Sunita Williams prepares to head back into space, she is reminded of the time she did a triathlon…while floating 400km above Earth! [India Today]

Varsity tri: The University of Indianapolis has added women’s triathlon for the 2024-25 academic year. And Gallaudet University, School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing have also added triathlon to its Women’s varsity program. [USA Triathlon]

Drug cheat: The International Testing Agency (ITA) has reported that Italian athlete Vincenzo Tomasello has accepted a 14-months of ineligibility due to testing positive for Prednisolone. [ITA]


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