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Multisport World Championships Return to Pontevedra

Plus: Top tips for your next hill run, and a roundup of April Fools winners

Good morning everyone,

It’s race week here at Tempo HQ, and you’d think after all these years I’d be a little more dialed with my pre-travel organization. Well…some things just never (and will never) change!

Maybe I like to scramble around at the last minute looking for those “special” shoe elastics, or realizing I need to get that particular energy gel. It’s not like I get the heart rate up enough already! 🤣

In today’s edition: 

  • 🏆 Multisport World Championships return to Pontevedra, Spain.

  • ⛰️ Five tips to nail your next hill run (and future races!)

  • 🤡 And, a roundup of April Fools winners.

Thanks for being here,

-Matt Sharpe, newsletter editor

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World Triathlon Multisport World Championships Returns to Pontevedra

What is it: World Triathlon has announced that in 2025, Pontevedra, Spain will once again host the World Triathlon Multisport Championships.

  • The Championships will take place June 20-29, 2025.

Events for days: First contested in 2017 in Penticton, Canada, the Multisport Championships have proven to be a successful formula that allows age-group and pro athletes to compete in multiple events in a single host venue. This year’s edition will be held in Townsville, Australia on August

The nine-day Championships in Pontevedra will feature various multisport competitions familiar to Ironman and Xterra, but with World Triathlon’s unique flavor. Events include:

  • Long-distance triathlon (3km swim, 120km bike, 30km run)

  • Cross (offroad) triathlon (1km swim, 20km bike, 6km run)

  • Aquathlon (1km swim, 5km run)

  • Standard Duathlon (10km run, 40km bike, 5 km run)

The Championships will also feature the unexpectedly popular Aquabike (3km swim, 120km bike), and typically features full paratriathlon inclusion for most events.

Spain steps up: Pontevedra is no stranger to hosting the Multisport World Championships, having previously hosted the event in 2019, and also last year’s World Triathlon Championship Finals.

And the rest of Spain is no slouch when it comes to hosting recent high-profile triathlon events:

  • 2023 Multisport World Championships - Ibiza

  • 2024 World Triathlon Championship Finals - Malaga

  • 2025 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships - Marbella

Tempo’s take: The Multisport World Championships has been a great addition to the endurance sports calendar. Giving athletes a diverse lineup of events to compete in allows for more racing experiences and more value for a given trip.

  • And, innovative events like the Aquabike helps bring athletes into the fold who may be injured, or just not able to run.

It is noteworthy to see that the long-distance triathlon continues to be featured. After a splashy partnership announcement last August between World Triathlon and the Professional Triathletes Organization, many thought that the future Long Distance Triathlon World Championships event would be sanctioned by WT and integrated with the triathlon startup’s age group series.

  • But with Europe Triathlon putting the brakes on the PTO’s claim to a “European Championship” long-distance triathlon in 2024, it appears World Triathlon is also not prepared to just hand over the keys to the multisport kingdom.

What are your thoughts on Multisport events?

Have you raced them before? Would you recommend to other athletes?

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🤡 April Fools roundup: Drafting banned at Challenge Roth, beef-flavored energy gels, an electrolyte drink mix harvested from the sweat of pro athletes, and France’s 4th Olympic spot. 

😴 Recovery best practices: There’s a lot of advice, evidence, and opinions out there on how to make the most of your recovery. Cut through the noise with straightforward and truly performance-minded insight from the recovery pyramid. Sleep and downtime will provide you with the biggest gains, Cryotherapy chambers? Much less so. [YLM Sports Science]

🚲 Old school aero: Since triathlon’s inception the technology, especially on the bike, has changed a lot! But just how much slower is an old-school triathlon setup versus a modern one? As this video shows, it’s significant! [GTN]

👮‍♀️ Top cop: Angie Keen is a World Champion triathlete who says her love for triathlon helps her find the strength she uses daily in her dynamic career as a New Zealand police constable. [Now to love]

⛰️ Hills pay the bills: Running hills are hard, but they can be a shortcut to a new level of performance. Use these five hill running tips to help you build strength, and increase your running efficiency. [Canadian Running Magazine]


It’s getting to be that time of year! Excessive-brick-workout-gear season! 😆


Here are Tempo readers’ thoughts on whether IRONMAN’s investment in their pro series will make them more likely to tune in.

Reader: Since Ironman started to split the world championship I’m not as interested in watching or participating.

Reader: I’m excited for the open pro fields. I love a good underdog. So being able to marvel as some unknown kicks ass and finishes in the top 10 of a world class field will be great.

Reader: I enjoy watching the triathlons in general it is hard to catch them all As a beginner I am empathic of all the learning, training, effort, and perseverance it takes to accomplish these races I wish all the athletes good health and success.

Reader: I’m excited about the promise, hopefully lM delivers. I enjoyed the T100 race but they left the door open for IM to rise above.

Tempo: it will be interesting to watch over the next months how the series develop!

Reader: I love the fact that there is competition between Ironman and the PTO. It will make the sport better as they try to out do the other. Think of Ironman as Coke and PTO as Pepsi. Competition is good. The cream always rises to the top. Only the strong survive.


World Triathlon World Cup Lievin, France

A packed house of thousands of spectators at the Stade Couvert de Liévin witnessed the first World Triathlon Indoor World Cup, and it was a banger. Fireworks, live bands and red-hot action showcased what will most likely be a future iteration of the sport.


Water quality worries: Ahead of the Seam Peace Han River Triathlon, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon insists that the river water won’t give you an upset stomach. [Mk.co]

Happy birthday World Triathlon: On April Fools Day in 1989 in Avignon, France World Triathlon was founded. As the organization celebrates its 35th anniversary it reflects on its deep foundation of excellence and innovation. [World Triathlon]

Insane record attempt: Ian Lambert, from Wallsend, in North Tyneside, is attempting to run, cycle and swim 5,940 miles to earn himself a Guinness World Record and raise money for a children’s cancer charity. [ITV]

Bermuda bosses: Jackson Langley and Karen Smith were the big winners of the Bermuda Triathlon Association’s sprint distance home event. [Ber News]


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