No Doubts as Duffy Dominates

It was no surprise that Flora Duffy dominated in Bermuda. Here's the race breakdown

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Hope you had a great weekend. Maybe it was low key? Or maybe you were flying up and down the hills of Bermuda? Or, maybe you enjoyed the classic Sunday long run? 

If you didn’t happen to be in Bermuda for the World Triathlon race, we have a recap on the exciting and action packed races! And given you may be enjoying more relaxed fall training, there’s a good chance you’ll be out and about on a Sunday A.M. long run. We’ve included a few tips on how to get the most out of those special sessions!

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Duffy Dominant in Return to Bermuda

Women’s Race

Breakdown: With Flora Duffy returning home to Bermuda as an Olympic Champion, there was no doubt she was feeling the pressure to perform. Right from the gun she established herself at the front and asserted her dominance over the rest of the competition.

Key Moment: Maya Kingma bridged up to Duffy on the bike, and helped the Bermudian establish a 45 second lead over Taylor Knibb.

Watch: Duffy would not be denied as she stormed away on the run to the victory amongst a jubilant Bermudian crowd. Watch her cross the finish line here. 

  • Taylor Knibb and Beth Potter claimed second and third respectively. 

  • Duffy now sits within 100 points of Georgia Taylor Brown in the race for the Women’s World Championship 👑

Men’s Race

Background: After a long bout with injury few would have had Vincent Luis as the winner this weekend at WTCS Bermuda.

Breakdown: After a standout swim, Luis was able to rally a strong group of seven on the bike. But with only a 40 second lead on the run over the likes of Yee and Blummenfelt, surely Luis would be swallowed up? However, he was able to show his racing class and held off the hard-charging chasers for the victory. 

  • Antonio Serrat-Seone, and fellow Spaniard Roberto Sanchez-Mantecon rounded out the podium, claiming their first WTCS medals 🏅

  • Yee finished in 5th overall. That put him within several points of the WTCS lead heading into the Grand Final in Abu Dhabi.


Brumfeld Named USA Triathlon CEO

Victoria Brumfeld was named the new CEO of USA Triathlon.

Why it matters? 

  • Brumfeld will be the first female CEO in the organization's 40 year existence.

  • She has been a staunch proponent of diversity, equality, inclusion and access (DEIA) during her time at USAT.

  • Her vision and leadership helped develop USAT's most recent strategic plan, Elevate 2028, which will lead the organization through the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Quick Thought: It is great to see a woman at the helm of USA Triathlon, which is a massive presence within the Triathlon community. She will have to reckon with a dynamic macroeconomic environment, while also navigating the changing tastes of endurance athletes (Hello gravel!) 🚵‍♀️


Fuel for the long run(s)

A cornerstone of any good triathlon training program is the long run. There’s definitely a legend around the Sunday long run. The vibe of the run just seems to go with the day. A more chill run on a more chill day. Here are three ways to make the most out of your Sunday special. 

😴 Sleep well before the session

  • A proper sleep of 7 - 9 hours can be the difference between a blissful jaunt or a slow slog.

🍫 Fuel well during

  • Eating is winning. Make sure to take in some carbs throughout the session to keep energy high and hanger at bay!

🧀 Fuel well after

  • A good mix of protein and carbs post-run ensures your body has the energy and building blocks to properly recover. 


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Who placed fourth in the men's and women's races this weekend in Bermuda? 

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