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The problem with World Triathlon venues

Plus: A gift guide

Good morning everyone!

It feels like all of North America needs a snow day. Where I am in Boulder we got over a foot of snow and the current temp is -24C/-11F. Guess its time to fire up the ol' indoor trainer!

In this edition we've got,

  • An extremely last-minute gift guide 🎁

  • The "why" behind the end-of-season blues 🎷

  • And is World Triathlon making mistakes with their race venues?

I hope you all have a great Christmas/holiday weekend! Thank you for being here.

-Matt Sharpe, newsletter editor

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Location, Location, Location: WTCS House Hunting

What is it: An article on Tristats.com has reported on the historical lack of consistency with WTCS event locations.

  • Although the 2023 season will start again in about 11 weeks, the full calendar has not been announced. 

Why it matters:

  • World Triathlon has prioritized hosting events that are home to high-profile athletes. 

  • Eg. WTS Stockholm for Lisa Norden, WTCS Leeds for the Brownlee brothers.

  • It is a reactive strategy that does not plan for when the stars fade away.

Quick thought: Although it is the opportunity of a lifetime for a star athlete to compete in a home WTCS, it's not the recipe for long-term success. 

Golf and Tennis have their majors. And World Triathlon should have its own consistent World Triathlon Series "majors." The Professional Triathletes Organization is attempting to do this, and World Triathlon would be wise to follow in their footsteps. 

In an alternate universe, World Triathlon would "own" its marquee events. Many years ago Tennis Canada undertook a radical strategy to help it become one of the top Tennis nations in the World.

  • Part of this strategy was owning its top two tournaments. The ATP and WTA National Bank Open. 

  • By owning the tournaments, they grew their revenue in a stable and significant manner.


R.I.P. Mark Turner: Our thoughts are with the family of Mark Turner, and the entire Taranaki tri community. Mark passed away suddenly on December 17th. Mark was a beloved tri-coach and mentor to countless athletes. [Taranaki Daily News]

🌽 Triowa: Great news for triathletes in Iowa's Quad Cities region! After a four-year hiatus, the Quad Cities tri will return on June 17th, 2023. A 600m swim, 15-mile bike, and 5km run make up this beginner-friendly event. [WQAD]

🔥 Start list: Javier Gomez will make his return to elite racing on January 21st at the iconic Mt. Manganui half in New Zealand. The start list is a who's who of Oceania pro triathletes. And is Ryan Sissons making a pro comeback after six years? [Mt. Manganui Half]

👶 Haller baby. Congrats to Luxembourg pro triathlete Bob Haller on the birth of his son, Lucca, on December 19th, 2022. [Bob Haller]


You're Too Late! But Here's a Gift Guide Anyways

If you're like me you might be comically last minute with your holiday shopping. But they say pressure makes diamonds, so maybe we just do our best in crunch time!

Here's some too-late gift inspiration for the triathlete on your list! 🎅

Super comfy, and versatile goggles. 

  • At home in the pool or open water.

  • 4 customizable nose pieces.

Look good and bike/run fast in these beauties. 

😎 Stylish running and cycling sock.

🗜️ Light compression in the ankle and calf.

😄 Makes foam rolling 1000x easier. 

🌏 Portable - Take it anywhere you go!

Check out the full list here! Happy shopping!


😓 Post-race blues: Whether it's the end of the FIFA World Cup or the end of Tri season, post-event depression is definitely a real thing! But is it possible to hack this response? [Deccan Herald]

👽 Urine the know: Triathletes on Reddit are asking important questions, like if anyone else struggles to pee on the bike? 🤣 Check out some of these classic responses. [Reddit]

🚀 Awards szn: The gang at Pro Tri News recently posted their 100th episode which included their top 10 Male and Female athletes of the year, and awards voted by the fans. There is always quality banter and a few laughs with this crew, and this episode is no exception! [Pro Tri News]


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