T100 Bounces Back

T100 Tour in Singapore, threshold running gains, and could you be underfueling?

Good morning everyone,

A big weekend of training has got me knocked back a bit. But that’s what I get for jumping into a run workout with my good friend and Olympic silver medalist, Kevin McDowell. I trained with Kev extensively during my Olympic qualification journey, and in between lung-busting intervals (for me!) it was fun to remember the hard yards we shared during that time.

Although I don’t remember getting dropped as much then 🤔😅

In today’s edition: 

  • T100 Triathlon Tour bounces back in Singapore

  • How threshold training can level up your running.

  • And could you be underfueling?

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T100 Triathlon World Tour Bounces back in Singapore


What is it: The heat was on at this past weekend’s T100 Triathlon World Tour event in Singapore as all eyes were on the triathlon startup after a rocky first outing last month in Miami.

  • Miami coverage woes, including lost audio in the women’s race, and a mistiming of the broadcast that saw athletes cycling in complete darkness were part of the specter that haunted over the Singapore stop.

Singapore sings: However, the T100 team seemed to have left the Miami madness in the past as the broadcast was delivered professionally and without major issues. And, not surprisingly, the athletes on the course delivered thrilling spectacle.

Golden Gentle: Australia’s Ashleigh Gentle is one of the best middle-distance triathletes in world and probably the best in extremely hot conditions. She won last year’s event in Singapore, so going into this one she was no doubt the favourite.

  • After a solid swim Gentle found herself coming off the bike with a seemingly impossible gap of 5:33 to Lucy Charles-Barclay (GBR) who herself was incredibly motivated to take the top spot after a close second in Miami.

  • With athletes ahead of her melting in the sweltering Singaporean conditions, Gentle gained strength as she picked off her competition one-by-one.

  • With 4km to go Gentle had erased the deficit and surged past Charles-Barclay to take the lead. She would cruise to the finish with a time of 3:44:23 taking the victory, the $25,000 first-place cheque, and establishing herself as a favorite to take the inaugural T100 World Tour title.

Els Visser (NED) who was a wildcard selection for this event made the most of her opportunity as she produced a career-best performance claiming the final podium spot.

  • 🥇 Ashleigh Gentle (AUS)

  • 🥈 Lucy Charles-Barclay (GBR)

  • 🥉 Els Visser (NED)

Kuelin kills: Not long ago Youri Kuelin (NED) had left short course racing after struggling to translate his training into performances on race day. It appears he has found the right formula.

In a field with the likes of double Olympic gold-medalist Alistair Brownlee (GBR), IRONMAN world champion Sam Laidlow (FRA), and many other top-ranked athletes, Keulin found himself taking a career-defining win.

  • After a big group came out of the water together, Keulin, Brownlee, Mike Noodt (GER) and Kyle Smith (NZL) eventually would establish themselves at the front of the race.

  • Keulin decided to go solo off the front in the later stages of the bike, just as American Sam Long was reentering the race after finishing dead last in the swim.

  • Onto the run, Keulin was never to be touched as he ran to the solo victory and immediately passed out due to the heat at the finish (he’s since recovered).

Sam Long (USA) went from last to almost-first as he rolled through the field to take an impressive second place just a week after finishing second at IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside.

  • 🥇 Youri Keulin (NED)

  • 🥈 Sam Long (USA)

  • 🥉 Pieter Heemeryck (BEL)

Tempo’s take: For the T100 series, it was a very solid rebound from a rocky start in Miami. The coverage was seamless and the broadcasters have presenters have found their rhythm. And there are still plenty of races to come, so we can hopefully expect even more polish by the time the Grand Final rolls around in November.

Of course the pros weren’t the only athletes hitting the overheated streets of Singapore. The age group athletes also had their chance to take on the 100km triathlon, duathlon and mixed team relay.

  • According to a participants list on the T100 website, almost 900 athletes were registered to compete in the event.

  • With age group racing touted as a cornerstone, and a hopeful meaningful revenue generator for the T100 Tour, Singapore is a solid start.

But to compete with the amateur race juggernauts like IRONMAN and Challenge, the T100 World Tour will have to continue to put up solid participation numbers in their future events like Lake Las Vegas which does not have a history of age group participation.


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Triathlon, but make it art!


Here are Tempo readers’ thoughts on whether they would still be interested if the Olympic triathlon turned into a duathlon due to poor water quality in the Seine.

Reader: Athlete safety comes first. Still will be a great event as a duathlon. The adage that "you cannot win a tri on the swim but you can lose it on the swim" probably means that the final places will not be materially different with or without the swim imho.

Reader: They have to figure out an alternative solution. Stop trying to force something that is obviously not going to happen and find a suitable course for an Olympic competition!

Reader: I totally get the made for TV backdrop but if a suitable venue is just up the road AND it ensures a great race, then it makes me wonder why they don’t pull that lever now. Politics and $$$, baby!

Reader: I will watch it but I feel they should at this point move the triathlon venue as well as swim competitions for the safety of the competitors. A duathlon is not an acceptable substitution for the Olympic Games.

Reader: Those athletes must be poised and ready for changes and watching who responds to change will certainly be worth watching them race!

Reader: To your point I sure hope they will choose one of the numerous clean spots around Paris and keep this a triathlon. In fact they better have thought about it already. There are numerous venues which would also have great bike/runs Routes, just not Paris and I think the athletes care mostly about the race… should ask them anyway: they re the ones who ve done most of the work after all!


Supertri.e World Championships


Formerly known as the Arena Games, this dynamic and fast-paced form of triathlon features a blend of real and virtual racing.

  • Athletes swim in a pool and quickly transition to smart trainer-enabled bikes where they race their through the virtual world of Zwift.

  • They then complete their effort on a curved treadmill which is completely human powered.

As this was the recently rebranded Supertri’s first event of the year, they were hoping for some positive momentum after a difficult offseason that saw them lose a marquee event, the Malibu Triathlon, at the hands of its previous owner. 

Women’s race: It was an early preview of what could be an Olympic gold medal battle between France’s Cassandre Beaugrand, and Beth Potter (GBR).

  • In the final round of swim/bike/run action, Beaugrand held a slim lead heading onto the run. But was quickly overtaken by a deeply motivated Potter who smashed a 2:50km to take the title.

  • Beaugrand struggled through the final run and appeared to be slightly favoring her calf as she finished.

  • 🥇 Beth Potter (GBR)

  • 🥈 Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA)

  • 🥉 Katie Zaferes (USA)

Men’s race: After a stroke of bad luck (bad treadmill) in 2023 that lost him the world title and resulted in the infamous Butterfly race, Chase McQueen (USA) was looking to redeem himself in the real and virtual arena.

  • After gaining a slight lead over Max Stapley (GBR) and Maxime Huber-Moosbreuger (FRA) in the first two rounds, McQueen charged into the final round looking to finally tackle his 2023 demons.

  • A strong swim led to a dominating bike where McQueen created an insurmountable lead as he broke the virtual tape and finally became World Champion.

  • 🥇 Chase McQueen (USA)

  • 🥈 Max Stapley (GBR)

  • 🥉 Maxime Huber-Moosbreuger (FRA)


IRONMAN Ottawa: IRONMAN is expected to announce a new full-distance race in Ottawa, Canada after information leaked on a website. [Triathlon Magazine]

Incredible athlete: Zachary Deonath will be competing in the Triathlon and representing the USA at the upcoming Special Olympics in Slovakia. [Ocala News]

Seine solutions: “The athletes will be sanitized within an inch of their lives” says GB Triathlon boss regarding sanitization plan for Seine-bound Olympians. [The Guardian]

Scottish tri: A new Scottish community-based triathlon program will be making its debut as part of the Lochore Aquathlon this June. Unconfirmed wether Nessie will be making an appearance. [Central Fife Times]

Supertri TV: Supertri has made a deal with Warner Bros Discovery to stream their races on the broadcaster’s MAX platform. [Endurance biz]


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