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Tempo Reviews: TRIHARD Swimmer’s Shampoo and Pre & Post Conditioner

Eliminates chlorine, hydrates hair, and has an addictive post-rinse sensation

If you want to reclaim your hair from the ravages of chlorine and other harsh pool chemicals and restore it to its natural glory, then we recommend the Swimmers Shampoo, and Pre & Post Swim Conditioner from the team at TRIHARD. 

What we liked

  • ✅ Fresh scent and easy on the scalp.

  • ✅ Complete removal of harsh pool chemicals and chlorine smell.

  • ✅ Noticeably healthier hair.

  • ✅ Addictive post-rinse sensation.

Matt’s Review

OK, I’ll have to admit. I didn’t think I was exactly a “qualified expert” to review the lineup of products from TRIHARD as l can’t say I always do an exceptional job with my post-swim hair care/wellness routine. 

  • I’m typically a Herbal Essences guy. Which, in reality, is fine. But, as I discovered, our hair deserves more than fine. It requires more than fine. And it thrives with more than fine. 

But TRIHARD’s Swimmers Shampoo and the Pre & Post Conditioner are a hell of a lot more than just fine. Their formula is vegan, dermatologically tested, and packed with clean ingredients. Also, their packaging is made up of 80% post-consumer recyclables ♻️

The magic behind TRIHARD’s success is its PLECOTECH™ technology which helps remove pool chemicals and lingering chlorine scents effectively from swimmers’ hair and scalp. Their cleansing tech also incorporates key ingredients including:

🌱 Vitamin E

🌊 Red Algae 

💎 Dead Sea Minerals, such as Magnesium Chloride and Maris Sal

  • And if we’re putting minerals in our hair, Dead Sea Minerals just feel like the right ones!

Opening the bottle and getting that first hit of the TRIHARD essence was a delight. If I were a shampoo sommelier, I’d note that the nose had a delicate balance of fresh-cut flowers and aloe followed by a peppermint finish. 

  • The products' hand-feel were more dense than what I’d been used to. Guessing that is due to the sheer amount of quality ingredients they had to squeeze in. All those Dead Sea Minerals of course. But also Shea Butter, naturally derived oils, including Jojoba and Almond Oil, and Vitamin B5.

After a couple of weeks of using the products, it was clear that my hair looked better and felt noticeably healthier. Running my hands through my hair was a richer experience, and my scalp also just felt smoother and more supple. 

  • As for my slowly, but devastatingly consistent receding hairline? Well, even TRIHARD can’t fix that. 

But what about the addictive post-rinse sensation referred to above? Getting to that now. 

Before I started throwing TRIHARD in my hair I probably should have done some label reading. But I’m also glad I didn’t, because after my initial rinse, I felt a unique, and captivating sensation that was TOTALLY unexpected! Of course, if I’d actually read the label of the Swimmers’ Shampoo bottle, I would have noticed one of the key ingredients; Menthol. 

  • Menthol cools, refreshes, and provides a tingling sensation, which, my poor scalp had never previously experienced. 

  • The initial menthol-induced shock gently transitioned to an incredibly refreshing post-swim experience that I now think about randomly during the day. Kind of weird, I know, but the feeling is just that exceptional!

Overall, I can certainly recommend TRIHARD Swimmers’ Shampoo, and Pre & Post Conditioner to help eliminate harsh pool chemicals and that difficult chlorine smell. It’ll also help noticeably improve the health of your hair and scalp. 

But why do I think you should really try it? It removes chlorine like nothing else. And that cool, refreshing, and slightly tingling sensation will have you ready to skip cooldown!

Give your hair the post-swim treatment it deserves by heading to TRIHARD.com and use code “TEMPONEWS” for 20% off!

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