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Grand Final Dishes Devastating Drama

World Champions crowned, quick and effective swim workouts, and do you need orthotics?


Good morning everyone,

I had a bittersweet swim today as it was probably my last training session in the lovely outdoor 50-meter pool in Boulder. It’s a clear sign here that race season is starting to wind down, and the flipping to Southern Hemisphere summer-induced Instagram FOMO is almost upon us 😭

In today’s edition:

  • 👑 World Champions crowned at drama-filled Grand Final.

  • 🏊‍♂️ A meaningful swim workout - all in 30 minutes.

  • 🤔 And do you need running orthotics?

Thanks for being here.

-Matt Sharpe, newsletter editor

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World Champions Crowned at Exceptional Grand Final

World Triathlon

One of the biggest triathlon weekends of the year, the World Triathlon Grand Final in Pontevedra, Spain featured three days of world-class Age Group and Elite racing.

  • Friday - Age-Group Super Sprint Distance World Championships.

  • Saturday - Paratriathlon World Championships, U23 Men’s World Championship, Elite Men’s World Championship

  • Sunday - Age-Group Standard Distance World Championships, Age-Group Aquabike World Championships, U23 Women’s World Championship, Elite Women’s World Championship.

What happened: The elite races had no shortage of drama, especially the men’s World Championship, which no one could have predicted leading into the event.

Men’s race: In what was hyped as a battle between perennial favourites, Alex Yee (GBR) and Hayden Wilde (NZ), both athletes faltered when it mattered most.

  • Yee failed to make the front of the race, and spent the bike and run trying to salvage what he could.

  • Wilde could have taken the crown, but for a poor swim and an errant littering penalty.

  • The world title battle came down to a thrilling four-man sprint finish with France’s Dorian Coninx breaking the tape, and becoming the first athlete to win a junior, U23 and elite world title. He also secured his place on France’s Olympic team next year’s games in Paris.

Women’s race: It was billed as a thrilling two-up battle between Beth Potter (GBR) and Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA).

  • Both athletes were placed comfortably in the front pack and headed onto the run in a great position.

  • But early on it was clear that Beaugrand wasn’t on her A-game, and lost Potter early in the run.

  • Potter would run most of the 10k with countrywoman Kate Waugh, before breaking away with one lap to go and securing the World Championship title, and her own Olympic berth.

Paratriathlon: Spain’s Daniel Molina was the hometown hero taking the title in the Men’s

  • Grace Norman (USA) took another title in the women’s PTS5.

  • Hailey Danz (USA) took the gold in another hotly contested Women’s PTS2.

  • Martin Schulz (GER) nailed his performance in the men’s PTS2.

  • And Geert Schippers (NED) took down arguably the G.O.A.T. of the PTWC fellow Dutchman Jetze Plat to take the world title.


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🏊 Speedy swim: Swimming is all about quality over quantity, and if you’re pressed for time you can still get a great workout. All you need is 30 minutes for a meaningful swim session as shown in this video. [Super League Triathlon]

🍝 Simple fuel: Sometimes simple is best. One of the greatest runners of all-time Eliud Kipchoge can attest to that. Check out his simple, yet performance-driven diet that consists of mostly carbs and protein. [Nairobi News]

⚡ Energy in, energy out: Triathlon is a demanding sport that it turns out, takes a lot of calories! Which is why it’s so important to ensure that you’re fueling enough to meet your total energy expenditure (TEE). This insightful post details the importance, and pitfalls of ensuring a proper energy balance.

🤔 Do you need orthotics: Running orthotics are one of those lightning-rod topics that many folks have strong opinions on. But does the science say you need them? Not exactly!

  • Anecdotally, we’ve gone from orthotic-devoted for over 12 years to not needing them at all. What are your thoughts?

🏃 Do you use orthotics when you run?

Do you think triathletes need them?

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More details in Ireland tragedy between Triathlon Ireland and Ironman

More details around the tragedy in Ireland are beginning to surface as the investigation into the race by the host Cork County Council.

What happened: In a detailed set of reports obtained by Prime Time, both organizations, Ironman and Triathlon Ireland, lay out the timeline and details of what occurred.

At its core was a disagreement in the morning, with both organizations agreeing Triathlon Ireland sought to change the swim course, so athletes would swim with the current. And both accounts say no race permit was signed by each group.

  • A race permit signing is required by Triathlon Ireland.

Triathlon Ireland: They said the course should be changed and no permit would be signed unless it happened. Therefore, they say, the race was not sanctioned.

Ironman: Similar to previous statements, Ironman said they believed the race was sanctioned “implicitly” since race officials were present.

A new wrinkle: Ironman told Cork County Council that they did not, in fact, “formally require” sanctioning for the event to proceed, and that they have the sole authority to decide if a race happens.

  • It gets more complicated, but Triathlon Ireland says Ironman were contractually required to follow their rules, including sanctioning, and Ironman had done so in all past races.

More debate: Both groups disagreed on whether direction was given, or if it was a suggestion, to change the course.

It’s a complicated story, so consider reading Prime Time’s story for more information.

  • That’s not the only conflict. According to the Irish Times, Triathlon Ireland has accused Ironman of not participating in a separate investigation into the race by Ireland’s government body for the sport.

What it all means: Who knows! But what is clear is that this debate will only intensify as things progress. It raises questions about how different race organizations handle tricky cross-jurisdictional issues like this and who has legal responsibility.


♀️ Female first: Congrats to Jill Blankenburg and Carissa Galloway for being the first all-female announcing team in Ironman history. [Instagram]

🎓 New school: Chicago State University will become the 14th NCAA Division 1 school to add a Women’s Collegiate Triathlon program. [USA Triathlon]

🚲 Recall notice: Shimano has recalled many of its cranksets in the 11-speed Ultegra and Dura-Ace models. If you might be affected, please read the article and check out the information provided by Shimano here. [Cyclingnews]

👏 Trispiration: Despite being in constant pain due to a spinal condition that had him relearning how to walk, Welshman Pete Watts will be taking on another triathlon this weekend in Llandudno. [North Wales Pioneer]


Not a short video, but for some reason, it's incredibly satisfying to watch. Check out this full custom Triathlon bike build from creator, One Last Lap.


Here’s what you said about whether the Malibu Triathlon should be allowed to go ahead after being denied its temporary use permit on a technicality.

Reader: It is one of the best races I have ever done, especially with the ability to race as an age grouper in the morning and then watch the Super League race in the afternoon. Plus for a good cause.

Reader: I always wonder what goes on in the minds of politicians. To feel big ? Do they care about their communities?

Reader: Society doesn’t need any more ‘jobsworths’. With all the stated obesity and poor health of many of the 1st world nations, the powers that be should be bending over backwards to make it happen!

Reader: This is just California being California. They ruin everything. I have little sympathy, though since this is what voters have been asking for for years by voting in leftist politicians. California is past the point of no return. Things will only get worse.

Tempo: It’s unclear what the politics of the folks who actually denied the permit are. But certainly, the regulations around endangered species and the incredibly complex jurisdiction around the course design didn’t exactly make things smooth.

Reader: Completely ridiculous to cancel this event. This issue came up at the last minute, they should be given an extension. For once maybe bureaucrats could not act like a bunch of stupid idiot groupthinkers? I am going to vomit.


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