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  • T100 Triathlon Tour Kicks Off Amid Search for Cash

T100 Triathlon Tour Kicks Off Amid Search for Cash

T100 Tour fundraising, how a champion fuels, and is comfort faster than aero?

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In today’s edition:

  • 💸 T100 Tour kicks off critical season amid search for new funding.

  • ⛽ How to fuel your race like a Paralympic Champion.

  • 🧸 And is it faster to be aero, or more comfortable?

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T100 World Tour Kicks Off Amid Search for New Funding


What is it: This weekend features the inaugural race of the recently rebranded T100 Triathlon World Tour. And with the venture capital-backed startup hoping to become the Formula 1 of triathlon, the action on the Homestead-Miami Speedway will need to be fast and furious.

  • But notable absences of contracted athletes like Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) and Chelsea Sodaro (USA) and injuries sidelining stars like Anne Haug (GER) have slowed momentum.

  • And given early investors have been pushing T100 to find a path to profitability, they may have to wait longer as it appears the triathlon startup is on the hunt for additional funding

New money: According to Sky News, the T100 series is looking to raise $40m to help fuel its series expansion to 10 events which would help “further broad[en] exposure for additional partners.” This new round of funding is said to be comprised of existing and new investors and will most likely be concluded in a few months.

  • This is on top of the $30m that was previously announced in December 2022 which included high-profile investor Michael Moritz, and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Tempo’s take: The amount of exposure gained going from eight events to ten doesn’t exactly seem game-changing, and does it require a full $40m in additional funding?

The fact they are looking for more money doesn’t mean they have shaky finances. If, early in the series the T100 product shows itself to be exceptional, the funding process could look like a slam dunk for those looking to add a niche endurance sport to their portfolio.

A quick look at the updated start lists shows that despite the absences of notable athletes there is certainly star power, and a massive amount of intrigue.

  • Will Lucy Charles-Barclay ride away from the field like she did last fall in Kona?

  • Will a field of twenty athletes help certain athletes, and make others crumble?

  • And which non-T100-contracted athletes will fight to make a case for future selection to the series?

How to watch T100 Miami: Saturday, March 9th the men go off at 13:15 EST and the women start at 16:50 EST.

🇪🇺 In Europe - watch on Eurosport or Discovery+

🌍 Rest of the world - watch on YouTube or the PTO+ app

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How This Paralympic Champion Fuels Sprint Distance Triathlon Success

World Triathlon

Grace Norman (USA) is a Paralympic Gold medalist and four-time Paratriathlon World Champion. She kicks off her campaign to reclaim Paralympic gold at this weekend's America's Triathlon Championship in Miami. We discuss how she's preparing for a massive year, her race-winning fueling strategy, and what her dream season looks like.

Have you made any big changes to your training ahead of this year’s Paralympics? 

I was able to take a really nice off-season after World Championships last year and am feeling ready to put the work in leading into Paris. The overall formula hasn't changed much in the way I train, but workouts will be more specific to the Paris course and skills work as the Paralympics draw closer. 

What is your goal for this weekend’s race in Miami? 

My goal for this weekend's race in Miami is to go through the motions of the race and get a good rust buster out of the way. It is a low-stress race for me as I have already qualified for Paris, so I am looking to enjoy the new race venue and push myself out there! I also look to claim the top of the podium as I have held the Americas Championship title for 9 years.

How will you be fueling your sprint distance race in Miami?

My fueling strategy is pretty simple, I take a NEVERSECOND 30g carb gel that contains 75g caffeine about 10 min before the start of the race. On the bike, my bottle will have 1 scoop of Skratch Labs Hydration mixed with water that will have 20g carb, 380mg sodium. I take in only water from water stations while on the run. 

Since partnering with The Feed what’s been the biggest change in fueling your training/racing?

Partnering with the Feed has given me more insight into all the different fueling companies out there and the ability to trial different ones to see how my body responds to them. I have started fueling more adequately since working with the feed too! I can trial different supplements for better recovery and gut health, while having the ability to receive help and information on how to use them best from the team at The Feed. 

Have any of The Feed products really surprised you?

YES! One that I have newly discovered is the Swiss RX Gut Defense! I have dealt with a lot of bloating and gut issues and I have been very pleased with how this is helping!

  • Another one I have been surprised by is the Skratch Lab energy chews. I haven't tried a chew in a long time but the texture isn't sticky and it tastes like a candy instead of a gel!

What will a dream 2024 season look like for you?

Dream 2024 season - Have solid races leading into the Paralympics, keeping my undefeated streak, winning the Gold medal in the Paris Paralympic Games, and capping it off with a 5th World Title and #1 World Rank.


⚖️ Comfort vs aero: Is being comfortable faster than being aerodynamic? This video stacks up comfy, aero, and a goldilocks positions to see which one is the best. We were really surprised to see aero’s results vs goldilocks! [GTN]

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🤒 Exercising while sick: You’re feeling a bit stuffed up and it feels like sickness is fast approaching. In this situation, athletes typically put their feet up and try to rest it out. But according to a new study, you may still want to head out for a run. [Men’s Health]

🎙️ Powerful podcast: Chelsea Burns is a former US National Team triathlete and former co-host on the Pro Tri News podcast. Now, she’s striking it out on her own and just launched the first episode of her new podcast, Chasing the Burn, it’s a deep and stirring conversation with Olympic triathlon Champion, Flora Duffy talking about her recent injury struggles and future race plans. [Chasing the Burn]

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Congrats to Connor Emeny for becoming the first person to do an Iron-distance triathlons on all 7 continents! The Antarctica one took him 32 hours! 😲


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Hong Kong heroes: Hong Kong triathletes are more motivated than ever ahead of first-ever World Cup event in the city. [South China Morning Post]

Friends abroad: Ukrainian para triathletes may find difficulties at home, but they’ve found a perfect partnership with the Japanese Triathlon Federation. [World Triathlon]

  • Why total daily energy expenditure matters, and are you getting enough fruits and veg?

  • Triathlon startup inks mega IRONMAN deal, plus: the science of zone 2 training.

  • T100 triathlon tour partners with iconic race, and how to fuel long bike rides.

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