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Iconic Noosa Triathlon Celebrates it's 40th Anniversary

Latest edition of historic race, how gels are made, and key pre-run exercises


Good morning everyone,

It was a nightmare on tri-street yesterday as we woke up to almost a foot of snow here in Boulder. Thankfully, it should melt in a day or so, but like Freddy Kreuger, it’s only a matter of time before it will return…

Happy Halloween 🎃

In today’s edition:

  • 🌴 Iconic Noosa Triathlon marks 40 years of history and champions.

  • 🤷 Sports nutrition products…how the heck are they made?

  • 🏃 And key exercises for a breakthrough run.

Thanks for being here.

-Matt Sharpe, newsletter editor

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Iconic Noosa Triathlon Celebrates 40 Years of Triathlon History


What is it: This weekend is the 40th edition of the Noosa Triathlon, one of the most iconic and biggest triathlon weekends in the world. Close to 13,000 athletes will compete over the five-day festival, capping off with the Noosa Triathlon on Sunday — the largest Olympic distance triathlon in the world.

  • Other events include the Tour de Noosa — Garth Proud charity ride, a criterium, and a 5km run race.

  • Over 4,000 athletes will contest the triathlon on Sunday morning.

Humble beginnings: The first edition of the race was held in 1983 and started by Garth Proud — an Australian triathlon pioneer. The inaugural edition hosted 150 keen triathletes.

Since then, the race has seen tens of thousands of competitors and many of the best triathletes in the world in attendance.

  • Notable past winners include Erin Baker (NZ), Emma Snowsill (AUS), Miles Stewart (AUS) and Chris McCormack (AUS).

  • Ashleigh Gentle (AUS), a Queensland local, has won the race an incredible nine times!

Heavy hitters: This year’s edition will see another star-studded field as the women’s race will feature PTO #2 ranked Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) who will be looking for a history-making tenth title.

  • The men’s will be a battle between former winner Jake Birtwhistle (AUS) and Olympic medalists Henri Schoeman (RSA) and Hayden Wilde (NZ).

No matter how the race shakes out, it’s sure to be a memorable race weekend, and from what we’ve heard, one of the sport’s best afterparty’s 🥳 🎉🍾


New LEVER Product Release Tomorrow!

We are excited to announce the release of our brand-new portable LEVER GO+ backpack tomorrow! It's now easier than ever to take the power of body weight support training with you. Outfitted with LEVER tech, the GO+ integrates our scale to give you precise weight-off calculations.

The first 10 GO+ customers are going to get a LEVER swag pack ("drip" for you Gen Zers). Reach out to [email protected] today to secure your pre-order!


🏭 How it’s made: We often use them in training and racing, but how are sports nutrition products produced? Check out this really fun video that takes us to the Science In Sport factory floor to see how our sports nutrition products are made! [GCN]

🤕 How healthy is triathlon: Having a triathlon-based lifestyle is definitely healthier than many alternatives out there (looking at you, vaping!). But certain health risks are greater as a multisport athlete — low iron levels and “light wallet disease” being some of them. [Reddit]

📈 Achieve long-term success: If you have a big race goal further in the future, it can be easy to get caught up in short-term thinking like trying to race a training session. But ultimately, that can lead to injury and burnout. Take back your long-term success with key strategies like choosing quality over quantity. [Outside Online]

💪 Big comeback: It hasn’t been an easy season for triathlete Justin “Big Metz” Metzler, with a lot of setbacks and hard lessons learned. Check out his most recent update and learn how he’s planning on bouncing back from a tough season. [Justin Metzler]


You get at least a month to flex your Ironman results! 😆


Pre-Run Exercises for a Breakthrough Workout

Triathletes can be busy, what with the three sports and all, but taking a few minutes to do a pre-run activation can help improve performance, prevent injury, and prepare yourself for a breakthrough workout.

  • Here are a few of our favorite pre-run exercises 👇

💪 Wall pec stretch

  • We spend a lot of time swimming and in the aero position on the bike which makes the pectoral muscles tight! Stretch them out and get some mobility back in your shoulders!

🏎️ Hip flexor and quad stretches

  • Cycling puts huge strain on our hip flexors and quads. Regain your mobility with two stretches that the editor of this newsletter does before every run!

🦶 Ankle mobility

  • A mobile ankle is a high-performing ankle. Get the most out of your stride with this quick ankle mobility exercise.

🍑 Glute Activation

  • The glutes are the most important muscles for running, so they better be turned on! Here are a couple of straightforward glute activations hitting the major muscles including glute max and glute med.


Race Ranger in action: Race Ranger, the innovative draft-busting technology will be featured at Ironman Florida this upcoming weekend. It is the first use of the technology in an Ironman-branded race and could herald a new era in the sport.

European calendar: The European Triathlon Union has announced its 2024 calendar with Championship events to be held in Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey, and Spain. [Tri247]

Doping ban: Ukrainian Triathlete Yulia Yelistratova has received a 5-year doping ban dating back to 2021 for the presence of EPO during an in-competition test. [World Triathlon]

Hamburg sellout: Ironman Hamburg has officially sold out for 2024. The ever-popular race was the site of the tragic death of a motorcycle operator earlier this year. [AP News]

Doha endurance: The Old Doha Port Triathlon will take place this weekend. Athletes have the chance to compete in sprint distance or in a relay. Registration ends on October 31st. [The Peninsula Qatar]


Here’s what readers thought about the changes to the 2024 Nice World Championships qualification process:

Reader: There are great athletes who do not always finish races on the podium. The younger AGs always have the most athletes. So being on the podium is more difficult. Those finish times can often be within minutes. While older AGs have fewer racers making it easier to podium with less competition. Then add in racing outside the US. There are usually less women competitors in races outside the USA. IMO being on the podium in one IM race should not be what qualifies someone to do a “championship” race. Rather look at the hard work and dedication it has taken to complete the races in their career of racing.

Reader: The race in Nice feels like just another regional championship, and Kona is the real deal. Just make the championship an every-other-year event.

Reader: Trying to achieve equity in sport has never been easy or well-received. Title IX was passed in 1972…and yet while you can change laws to mandate equality, you cannot change how people feel or their opinions not wanting it.

Reader: I still feel they are devaluing the world champions by accepting roll down spots into the 100's. but no matter the category, the top 5 should qualify only. or if they do not want it there should be a cut off either top 30, or even a % of the winning time in that age category. I'm also a firm believer in if you finish in top3 you've earnt a space in the world champs and entry should be free.

Reader: They should make it a smaller top notched field and bring men and women back together at Kona!

Reader: Ironman is no longer owned by people that put the athlete first. They’re owned by the same company as Conde Nest, and act more like travel agents selling an “experience” rather than protect the “M-Dot”. Look no further than IM Ireland.


World Triathlon World Cup Miyazaki, Japan

Bianca Seregni (ITA) overcame a hard-charging Gwen Jorgensen (USA) to take her third World Cup win of 2023. Hugo Milner (GBR) surprised the field (and himself) as he roasted the field on the run to take his first-ever World Cup win.

Pan American Games Santiago, Chile

The individual races will be held on Thursday, while the Mixed Team Relay will crack on, on Saturday.

In the women’s race, Rosa Maria Tapia Vidal (MEX), Ericka Ackerlund (USA), Vitoria Lopes (BRA), Lizeth Rueda Santos (MEX), and Gina Sereno (USA) are a few of the classic podium picks.

  • The dark horse pick is Maria Carolina Velasquez Soto (COL), who has had a few rock-solid results recently, including 6th place at the World Triathlon Cup in Valencia.

In the men’s race Brazil’s powerhouse duo of Manoel Messias and Miguel Hidalgo will be looking to crush the dreams of the hometown hero, Diego Moya (CHI).

  • Big changes for 2024 Ironman Worlds Qualification,

  • Ironman World Champion under investigation for doping.

  • What’s a good pre-workout meal, and the four crucial benefits of strength training.

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