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Supertri Schedule Announces US Ambitions

2024 supertri schedule, wild protein myths, and how quick can you go from couch to IRONMAN?


Good morning everyone,

We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback lately on our newsletters and I really appreciate when someone takes the time to respond and provide feedback - good or bad!

The reader commented on how they appreciated our balanced coverage of the industry and its major players. In reality, we all have biases and I certainly have my own. But I feel like we’re really trying to build something that is as balanced as can be, and feedback like that validates our efforts.

  • Of course, it’s very OK if you don’t ever comment, we’re just stoked you’re choosing to spend your time with us 😊

In today’s edition:

  • 🇺🇸 New locations highlight supertri’s 2024 schedule - and future ambitions.

  • 💪 Are you aware of these five popular protein myths?

  • 😮 And how quickly can you go from couch to a full-distance IRONMAN?

Thanks for being here.

-Matt Sharpe, newsletter editor

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New US Stops Highlight 2024 Supertri Schedule


What is it: Coming off a successful World Championship weekend in London, supertri (formerly Super League Triathlon) has announced its league schedule for 2024. The short-course triathlon startup’s schedule has five stops including standard bearers London, Toulouse, and Neom, and two new US stops; Boston and Chicago, that point to supertri’s ambitions in America.

supertri League calendar 2024:

  • August 18: supertri Boston

  • August 25: supertri Chicago

  • September 8: supertri London

  • October 6: supertri Toulouse

  • November 3: supertri NEOM

USA on the way: According to supertri Chairman and Co-Founder Leonid Boguslavsky North America is a huge growth market for supertri and aligns with their recent high profile US acquisitions.

Of course, supertri’s US expansion hasn’t been without setbacks as they suffered a devastating loss of the Malibu Triathlon when the previous race owner, Micheal Epstein, successfully lobbied the City of Malibu for the only available permit to host a triathlon - effectively wiping out over seven figures of investment and IP.

  • They also were unable to secure a date for this year’s New York City triathlon and will look to resume the event in 2025.

Age group ambitions: In the release, supertri reiterated their ambition togrow short-course racing in America ahead of the LA Olympics in 2028.” By purchasing Long Beach, New York, and Chicago they will have well-established age group triathlon events with which to achieve this goal. They also plan on incorporating their “supertri stardust” into their events.

  • This is in contrast to rival age group race organizer, the T100 Triathlon World Tour, which plans to build a race from the ground up in Lake Las Vegas later this year. Of course, both entities will be using their pro races to help build engagement and drive race signups.

Tempo’s take: The timing of this year’s supertri schedule is a lot more favorable to the organization. Athletes who will most likely compete in the series will have finished their Olympic campaigns and should have the freedom to race their hearts out at action-packed supertri league races.

However, since the last Olympics the professional triathlon racing landscape has significantly changed - and not in supertri’s favour.

The T100 triathlon series has brought significant investments into the sport and caught the eye of key supertri athletes:

  • Hayden Wilde (NZ), Kristian Blummenfelt (FRA), and Taylor Spivey (USA) have been key marketing figures in recent years for supertri but all three athletes have clear ambitions in T100 and other long-course racing.

  • Wilde and Blummenfelt both have IRONMAN-branded race goals, and Spivey is a T100-contracted athlete.

  • Long-course racing and supertri are completely different animals (trust me, I’ve raced them both). These athletes will ultimately have to decide which format they want to have the most success in, which could hurt supertri.

It’s not just the huge names who may be skipping out on supertri. With the post-Olympic siren song of long-course racing looking ever more attractive, an incredible mass of short-course athletes may be opting to go long.

This would have seemed unfathomable many years ago as supertri has generally been known for its generous prize purses. But the recent switch from individual-focused racing to the current team format has left a sour taste for high-level athletes who haven’t been able to secure a place on a talented team.

  • The T100 series has attracted many of the best athletes due to the serious six-figure contracts it has doled out for athletes. If supertri doesn’t move in this direction it may find itself without many of the marquee athletes it desires.

Would having a combined age group/pro race make you more interested in signing up?

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💪 Triathlete protein intake: Increasing your carb intake has been a huge trend in endurance sports, and increasing protein intake appears to be the next. So get a leg up on the crowd with these five myths about protein intake for endurance athletes. [Triathlete]

😮 Couch to IRONMAN: Completing a full-distance IRONMAN is no easy task. So how did this athlete complete such an incredible feat in only nine months?!? This reddit thread has great insight into their incredible (and inexpensive) journey from couch to IRONMAN. [Reddit]

🤸 Should you stretch? It’s a good question. This article has plenty of peer-reviewed research that answers key stretching questions on the type of stretching you should do, when you should stretch, and more! [Sprint Rehab]

🏋️ Muscle demands: Have you ever wondered how much strain your muscles face while running? No surprise, it’s a lot! This intriguing infographic from physio Brad Beer shows the magnitude your muscles really face. No wonder our calves can get so tight! [Brad Beer]


It’s a truly beautiful sight! 😍


World Triathlon World Cup - Wollongong, Australia

A preview of next year’s World Triathlon Grand Final and age group World Championships. Plenty of crucial Olympic points on the line.

What we’ll be watching 👇

  • Which Australian woman can stand out from the crowd and make their case for Olympic selection.

  • Which Australian man will try to lay claim to the second available spot on the Olympic start line.

  • Whether Bermudians Erica Hawley and Tyler Smith can continue to

IRONMAN South Africa

Plenty of opportunity for early-season IMWC qualifiers. This race is NOT part of the IRONMAN Pro Series.

What we’ll be watching 👇

  • Daniela Ryf (SUI) - in her final pro season - will be looking to qualify for her final IMWC.

  • Whether Alistair Brownlee (GBR) will actually start after DNF’ing in the Singapore T100 last weekend.

  • How is Cam Wurf’s triathlon form after racing the Amstel Gold Race for INEOS last weekend.


Pregnant pro: Congrats to pro triathlete Holly Lawrence (GBR) who announced her pregnancy last week. [Holly Lawrence]

Inspiring athlete: Robert Kirschman is battling a rare form of stage 4 cancer. But that isn’t stopping him from training for a half IRONMAN in December. [CBC News]

GOAT role: Jan Frodeno is an Olympic Champion, IRONMAN World Champion, and now, CPO. After retiring last year, he just announced his newest role as Chief Performance Officer of nutrition performance app, Fuelin. [Fuelin]

Fight death (dehydration): Its official! Mortal Hydration will be the new on-course hydration for all North American IRONMAN races. [Endurance Sportswire]

Au Revoir Montreal: WTCS Montreal has mainstay on the World Triathlon circuit since 2016, however, it appears the organizing committee could not secure sufficient funding and have been forced to cancel this year’s race. [Triathlon Magazine]


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